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Strip down girls with balls in Electrify Spa's strip-pinball game, Pinup Ball - Sexy Strip Pinball, now in early access on Steam.

A few years ago, we wrote an article on Electrify Spa's Pinup-Ball a few years ago. Now, the title is coming to Steam via early access, under the name Pinup Ball - Sexy Strip Pinball. It's a classic arcade game with an alluring twist. As usual, you launch the ball throughout the table with the flippers, and as the ball hits targets, bumpers, switches, and more, you rake up points.

Each table has a picture of a model on it, but what makes them special is that you can interact with them as you play. Your ball can collide with certain parts of her clothes, which will partially or completely remove them. Some targets are easy to hit and will reveal more immediately, while others can be more challenging, teasingly slow, and require more hits. Once you get the model naked, you win a pinup of the model featured on the table you just played. You have a limited amount of balls, so if you run out, you’ll have to start over from the beginning.

There are different game mechanics and obstacles that can make the game more challenging and fun, such as hanging obstacles, water physics, and ball morphing modifiers. There are also collectibles for each character model that you can use with coins you earned via the star scoring system. Buy clothes for your favorite girl and strip them off while playing on her table.

Pinup-Ball is the world's first and only sexy strip-pinball. In this game each table is hosted by a fantasy girl. Unlike "traditional" pinball, each table is divided by unique phases where you get to interact with the model.

Each table also has it's unique game mechanic or obstacle. Deal with water physics, a hanging obstacle with string physics, ball morphing modifiers and more! The game will launch hosting 5 unique Pinball Tables, each with it's own model. The game also features leaderboards and a star scoring system which allows you to purchase clothing parts from the game's main model. This as well as albums for each lady were you can unlock cards by earning coins in-game.

You can buy Pinup Ball - Sexy Strip Pinball in early access for $9.99 on Steam. You can also try the game out for free on the official website.

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