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Fantasy RPG Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~ Receives a Fan Translation

Jenbrother has created a fan translation for the fantasy RPG Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~, developed by Giga.

Jenbrother has released a translation patch for the PC-98 version of Japanese eroge RPG Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~. The game was produced by Giga and first published in 1996 for the PC-98 computers, along with a release for Windows in 1999. It features a heroic fantasy story, open world exploration, turn-based battles, and multiple endings.

The protagonist of Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~ is a boy named Cain. While his ancestors defeated the great demon Gargantuan in the past, Cain, unfortunately, has no interest in heroics, and spends his days chasing after village girls instead. This all changes when his brother Abel disappears and the Goddess of Time appears in Cain’s dreams. She to warns him that Gargantuan has returned, making it is his duty to vanquish the demon again.

Jenbrother published his patch for Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~ earlier this week. It translates all dialogues, including the game’s numerous epilogues and narrative choices. However, at the moment it doesn’t cover the game’s menus, the in-game manual, and signs found within the game’s world. Below you can read the official release notes from Jenbrother’s blog:

Good morning,

Here I am finally at the first version of the Harlem Blade translation.

You will notice that the file has a password, the reason is that I would like you to read the readme.txt file before applying the patch.

I created two new categories on the site: download and translation notes

The first will be reserved for the various versions of the translation that will eventually be released.

The second is related to the notes on the translation of the game, there will be enough so it is likely that the next posts on the site will be exclusively dedicated to it.

A few brief notes on what has been translated:

-All game texts, dialogues, epilogues and narrative choices

What has not been translated:

-The game menus (I plan to do it soon)

-The ingame manual

-Many signs around the world of Mayplease

What I will do from now on will be to make some translation notes about the game, to translate the paper guide of the game step by step.

The patch for the game was made with (Pachy98

Special thanks go to user hollowaytype, who helped me better understand the structure of a game for Nec PC-98.

I repeat that if my work is not liked by Giga (owner of all the copyright of Harlem Blade) I will remove the patch on their indication.

You can download the translation patch from Jenbrother’s blog. To install it, you will need to acquire an .hdi file of the PC-98 version of the game and run the patch. You will then be able to play the game using PC-98 emulators.

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