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Fantasy Kinetic Novel Hilzartov Fairy Released on Nutaku

Enjoy cohabitation with a fairy while fending off goblins from your garden in Hilzartov Fairy, now available on Nutaku.

Hilzartov Fairy is a passion project of the artist, Mformental. You play as a guy who receives a small unexpected roommate. A kind yet spunky fairy, named Isabella, has started living with you in order to protect a sacred rainbow fruit growing in your garden. She’ll need your help with this because there are evil goblins that also wish to get their hands on the fruit, and they can get violent. If you help her out, she’ll provide you with a satisfying and pleasurable reward.

Get to know Isabella, the realm she comes from, and advance your relationship. Whenever she needs your help defeating the goblins, you’ll play an arcade-style game where you throw rocks at goblins. Simply time your aim and click where you want to throw the rock. Faster and stronger goblins will join their ranks as you reach the next level. After successfully defending the rainbow fruit, you will unlock a sex scene with Isabella. Despite her size, her body is capable of a lot, if it pleases you.

In this kinetic novel you'll experience what it's like to get closer to and have intimate relations with a pint sized fairy! You'll also put your skills to the test fighting evil goblins that are up to no good with arcade style levels! This game includes thirteen frame by frame animated scenes and a fully voiced female fairy! This is a fully uncensored game!

Key Features

• Arcade Style Levels

• 13 Fully Animated Uncensored Sex Scenes

• Fully Voiced Female Character

• Kinetic Novel

• No DRM

• Large size difference sex

You can find Hilzartov Fairy for purchase on Nutaku for $9.99. Also, consider checking out Mformental's art on Pixiv.

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