...the fuck?

Fight against an ancient curse with the help of cute girls in Senren*Banka, developed by Yuzusoft and published by NekoNyan.

Senren*Banka is an urban fantasy visual novel about a young man named Masaomi. At his parents' request, Masaomi travels to his grandpa in the mountain village Hoori. On the day of his arrival, he visits the village shrine, where his grandfather asks him to try lifting the sacred sword embedded in stone, which he promptly breaks. Thankfully, it is soon repaired by the human soul inhabiting it, who presents herself to Masaomi, explaining that he was chosen by the blade, becoming its new master.

Seeing Masaomi holding the sword, the shrine’s head priest immediately asks him to marry his daughter, the shrine princess Yoshino. Given her disapproval, the head priest arranges for her and Masaomi to at least try living together. Masaomi accepts, and soon meets Yoshino's bodyguard, the female ninja Mako. While the three of them enjoy each other's company at first, they soon have to reveal to Masaomi the dangerous secrets of the village, which he will have to face with them.

Senren*Banka was created as a commemoration of Yuzusoft’s 10th anniversary and has won numerous awards. Four years later, and the title is now available in English and Chinese. It features five main story routes containing vanilla sexual interactions, Japanese voice acting, flowcharts, voice bookmarks, and customizable keyboard shortcuts. Below, you can view the visual novel's opening video, and find out more about the characters from their official descriptions:

You can purchase Senren*Banka on Steam or NekoNyan for the promotional price of $31.49 until the 14th of February, at which point the visual novel will cost $34.99. A lengthy trial version of the game is available on the Steam store page.

Adult content for the Steam release of Senren*Banka has to be installed separately, as a patch available for free on NekoNyan’s store page.

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