Clean up for the next guy

Learn special skills to use on your family and friends from a magic notebook in the point-and-click visual novel SexNote.

SexNote is about Chris, whose name is changeable, a boy who finds a strange notebook that fell from the sky. After he takes it home, a large frog creature that transforms into a girl appears before him. She introduces herself as Brixxida, the guardian of the SexNote and Chris’ new familiar. The SexNote comes from Brixxida’s world and, in order to use it, Chris must obtain enough magic power through sexual interaction.

In the game, there's a day and night system and numerous characters to meet up with. For three of the girls you live with, you can change their names and how they are related to you. The rest cannot be changed. Each character is available at different times and has their own requirements. Some girls’ requirements overlap and connect with each other, so you don’t have to choose one girl over another. Go to a place on the map and complete an objective to gain affection for each girl. If you aren’t sure what to do next, there is a guide in the SexNote that provides the next step.

There is another way to collect magic power as well. The Eye of Agamoto’s eye, which is a skill that lets you see a girl’s underwear through clothing and orbs of magic power scattered around the human world. The other skills in the SexNote include Ayax’s Hand, the skill that gathers magic power orbs like a magnet; Sauron’s Mouth, the skill to influence and persuade others; and Jamliz Heart, a skill that increases how much magic power your body can take in. Upgrade your skills to help you through the game.

What we will find in SexNote?

At the moment, we are releasing the firsts versions of a huge game, so be patient cause there is a lot of great content just for you!

- Potential expansions with development.

- A LOT of Hot Scenes with animations.

- Main character to go on an adventure.

- A lot of characters to interact with.

- A lot of locations in the city.

- Map of the city to explore.

- Stats with special Skills.

- Monetary system.

- Inventory system.

- Dating system.

- Magic system.

- Time system.

- Mini-games.

What kind of sexual content we could find in SexNote?

Because we know you loved, you will find this on future updates in the game

- Exhibitionism/ Public.

- Threesome.

- Voyeurism.

- Gloryhole.

- Lesbian

- Anal.

- Orgy.

- Milfs.

- Toys.

You can find a download of the public build of SexNote and support the game on JamLiz’s Patreon page.

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