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Bo Wei Is Making Femdom RPG Tower of Trample

Independent developer Bo Wei brings us Tower of Trample, a femdom-themed combat RPG about freeing your friends from the clutches of their dominatrix captors.

In Tower of Trample you play as Ethan, a student of fire-based martial arts whose friends were taken to a mysterious tower. Charging in, Ethan finds his friend Keith imprisoned in a dirty cell, being watched over by a well-endowed woman. As he quickly explains, the tower is a prison. There’s one cell per floor, with each floor having its own female guard holding the key to progress further. To free everyone, Ethan would have to climb to the top, but Keith warns him that these women are on a level they never faced before.

The game is being made by Bo Wei, an independent developer, using the RPG Maker engine. It explores the themes of femdom through gameplay. The women Ethan has to fight will mock him at every step, and their wrestling techniques are particularly erotic.

Combat in Tower of Trample is portrayed from a first-person perspective, and uses a turn-based system. Ethan can choose which skill to use against his opponent while managing his mana and TP, the latter of which is gained by receiving or dealing damage. If Ethan’s enemy manages to grab him, the art will change to portray a grappling position, usually a choke hold or a stomp, involving either the woman’s feet or behind, as well as the odors associated with them. At the end of the battle, Ethan’s performance is graded. Experience and items are awarded regardless of whether the fight was won or lost, as it’s near impossible to win without losing at least a few times. However, the key to the next floor is awarded only for winning, which also unlocks a stronger version of the boss.

The game’s current trail version contains the first floor, guarded by Scarlett, whose fire resistance is an especially difficult hurdle for Ethan. Money and resources gained from fighting her can be brought to Keith, who sells consumables and can craft new items. Bo Wei plans to expand the game on a monthly basis, adding a new floor each month.

A trial version of Tower of Trample is available on Mediafire. You can support the project on Bo Wei’s Patreon, where a pledge of $2 or more will grant you access to all of his works.

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