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Teach the serious and uptight vice-principal to let herself go in Vitamin CCC's Training and education of the Vice-Principal.

Training and education of the Vice-Principal is a touching game about breaking a stubborn vice principal. At Tokyo Shukujo university, one of the strictest schools in Japan, the girls are held down by high standards and multiple rules. They are not allowed to socialize with boys, dye their hair, have short hair, or act in unchaste ways. These students are completely out of touch with the current age, and the one responsible for it is Kaori Kikuchi, the Vice-Principal, and a thirty-seven-year-old virgin who is unlikely to get married. She’s serious about her job and conducts random checks of the girls’ bags, speech, cell phones, and even underwear. If she continues to run the school this way, student enrollment and attendance will drop significantly. Thus, it's up to you to "persuade" her and to prevent Tokyo Shukujo university from going under.

Turn Kaori Kikuchi into a lewd bitch who has thrown away her pride and reasoning for good; train her by teasing different parts of her body. As you continue a corresponding type of training, her stats on the left side of the screen will change accordingly. Try different training methods and pay attention to how she responds to the type of training you do. If you do the same thing repeatedly, she’ll build up a resistance and endure it. Mix it up to see which type of training works best against her, and her attitude will gradually change as she loses her mind to lust.

Probe the frigid Vice-Principal repeatedly.

Ignore what she says, and train here well.

Otherwise it will be hard to make her a real bitch.

You must train her well even if she pleads.

You mustn't probe her in the same way all the time.

If you probe the same part for too long, it can have the reverse effect.

While watching her reaction (parameter), decide where to probe.

As the development progresses, the lines they speak change.

Train her until her reason is broken down and she becomes a truly sensitive lewd bitch.

The Vice-principal valiantly tries to hold on to her reason,

so if you use the same probing and pleasure, she will build up resistance and be able to stand it.

Change the way you probe.

You can buy the English version of Training and education of the Vice-Principal on DLsite for the discounted price of $9.36. After March 7th, the sale will end and the price will increase back to $11.02. There is also a demo available to download, though bear in mind that it will only let you play for two minutes before the program closes itself.

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