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[UPDATE] 02-14-2020 04:50 AM EST: The store page for Last Evil has been removed by the developer for personal reasons, and as such the game is no longer available for purchase. You can read the official statement here.

Fight your way through sewers and dungeons to free the great demon in Last Evil, developed by Falmetorch.

Last Evil takes place in a medieval fantasy world. One where humans have won against the demonic forces by sealing their master, the Great Demon, in a dungeon deep beneath the sewers, ending his evil kingdom. You play as a succubus hoping to free her master, being his last loyal subject, and the titular Last Evil.

The game is a roguelike gauntlet of card battles and choose your own adventure stories. The succubus will take steps across a slowly unveiling map of the sewer, choosing which type of encounter to face next. During battle, you will draw from a deck of cards depicting various abilities. Each turn the mana counter resets to a value one point higher than the previous turn, allowing you to play progressively stronger cards, or more of them at once. Additionally, some cards and events generate lust, which persists between fights and can be used to play specific types of cards.

The challenge in Last Evil comes from both fighting and strategically managing the card deck. As the succubus moves through the dungeons, her deck will grow in size, diluting the chances of drawing the desired combinations of cards in battle. In certain events, it is possible to either upgrade cards into their better versions, or discard them, streamlining the growing pile of possibilities. The succubus can also find artifacts, which provide passive bonuses.

Sexual encounters in the game are triggered by losing battles or making decisions during story events. The succubus can also harvest her opponents after battle, extracting their essence, which is the game’s currency. Last Evil features rape, group sex, and sex with monsters.

Last Evil is currently in early access, which is planned to last for three months. You can purchase the game on Steam at the promotional price of $5.99 until the 14th of February, at which point the game will cost $9.99.

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