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A guy without any extraordinary powers wants to enroll in a university for superheroes in Heroes University H.

Heroes University H is a visual novel with minigames and a day and night system. Before being thrust into the story, you name your character and design the character sprite. You can change your skin, hair, eyes, facial hair, and eyebrows.

You play as the protagonist, who'll we'll refer to by his default name of Mike OxHard, he's a man who tries to enroll in a university for superheroes. Unfortunately for him, he’s having trouble convincing Galya Goldschmidt, the head of the university, to let him in. He seems normal overall, but he does have one ability. Mike has a shapeshifter dick; a dick that adapts perfectly to every girl he penetrates and re-energizes said girl. After a quick fuck with Galya to prove his abilities, Mike is enrolled as her assistant and an undercover student. There is an intruder on campus and it's up to you to find her before it’s too late.

Complete tasks, chat, and go on dates with students to earn their trust and obtain new information. Travel around the campus, gather items, and play minigames. If you need to find a certain girl, easily look in your cell phone to track her location. If you have trouble with a task, you can ask your roommate for help.

In the current build you will be able to find the following hot stuff:

- Vanilla

- Titjob

- Footjob

- Anal

- Ahegao


- Shy girl

- Doggy

- Cowgirl

- Nurse

- Teacher

And in future updates, we're going to give you the following things

- Breastfeeding

- Voyeurism

- Harem

- Monster girl

- TrapGroup


- Cock sharing

- And more

You can download the public build of Heroes University H on Itch.io. If you like it and would like to support the developers, consider checking out Salmon Run Games’ Patreon.

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