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An indie developer is working on a 3D monster girl brothel management game, titled Extended Stay.

Hearts Club, an independent game developer who recently appeared on Patreon, is introducing their first public project together with a playable demo. Titled Extended Stay, the game is envisioned as a brothel management sim, where the player will be tasked with finding ideal partners for his clients. Pleased clients will increase the brothel’s reputation, attracting wealthier and more perverse guests.

Extended Stay will include a variety of furry and monster characters, including both men and women. Successfully satisfied clients will be able to join the brothel as new employees, and can be further customized using a vast selection of modular items.

The game is in an early alpha stage of development. It features three types of sex scenes with various poses, a customization system, and three types of girls: human-like catgirls, furry felines, and succubi.

Extended Stay is an adult furry/ monster girl brothel management sim. You are the owner of a holiday resort & brothel aimed at fulfilling your guests every desire. As you grow your resort you'll be able to hire more exotic monster races and attract wealthier guests with unique desires.

The world of Extended Stay will be populated with characters generated off of modular assets. This gives the characters a wide range of variety. In future builds, you’ll be given the tools to customize your characters and create your own from scratch. This modular design is consistent across all assets making all characters fully customizable, from skin colour and gender to gender and body type.

The core gameplay of extended stay is a casual management simulator. You maintain and grow your business by attending to your guests' desires. A guest will have many desires but also have a few dislikes as well. By using your staff to satisfy your guests you’ll receive a bigger payout and if they're fully satisfied you can even hire them on to your staff. As you upgrade your brothel and your reputation increases you’ll attract wealthier guests with more ‘unique’ interests.

The sex scenes in Extended Stay are focused on giving the player full control, there are three different types of scenes. The first is interaction scenes, these consist of using your mouse to touch and pleasure the character. The second is mouse-driven scenes, they are controlled entirely by mouse movement. The third is a player input-driven scenes, by left-clicking you control the speed and timing of the scene.

A public build of Extended Stay is available on GameJolt and If interested, you can support the project on Patreon, where Hearts Club is trying to gather the funds necessary to work on the game full time. The latest build of Extended Stay containing the customization system is available to patrons pledging $3 or more.

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