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Revitalize your parents’ failing hotel by transforming it into a love hotel in Oppai Games' visual novel and management game, Quickie: A Love Hotel Story.

Quickie: A Love Hotel Story is a hotel management game and romantic visual novel that features the characters from Oppai Games’ short visual novel series, Quickie. You play as Kaito, whose name, hair color, and skin color can be changed. He’s a university student who finds out that his family’s hotel business is failing, and that they need to sell the hotel. Having fond memories of the place, you tell your mother that you’ll take the hotel and make it better. While she is uncertain about it, she gives you a month to turn things around. As it turns out, your grand idea to keep it open is to convert it into a love hotel.

The game starts you off with one floor and five rooms; one double room and four single rooms. Before you open for business, prep your building by changing rooms to fit your clientele’s taste and make sure the rooms are clean. When you have enough money, buy another floor and more rooms to host more customers.

Once everything is ready and you start your shift, couples will come in and request a specific type of room. As of right now, they are classified as kinky, quirky, romantic, and hardcore. Click and drag them into an available room. You’ll get the best results if you give them exactly what they want and earn more if you put them in the expensive double rooms. Of course, the rooms get dirty after use. Every time the room is used, its cleanliness will decrease, and you’ll earn less money and popularity as a result.

When you’re not managing your love hotel, you can explore Tokyo and spend time with the girls you've met. When a girl is available, head to her location on the map. You can either talk with her, hang out, or give her a gift. Talk and giving gifts will continue with her storyline and you’ll learn more about her, but the hangout option is currently unavailable in the current build. Once a girl’s affection is high enough, you can invite her to your love hotel and spend a hot time together. The H-scenes are fully animated in 2D.

Play as a young university student in his final year of study in Tokyo, Japan. Just before you graduate, you are struck with the knowledge that your family hotel run by your parents will be closing down. In a last attempt to keep it open, you take the reigns on managing the hotel... and turn it into a love hotel!

- Multiple romantic options + other characters to meet (with more to come!)

- Many locations to explore in Tokyo!

- Love hotel management game!

- Fully animated h-scenes with partial voice acting!

You can play the current public build of Quickie: A Love Hotel Story on If you want to support the game’s development and bonus content, become a patron on Oppai Games Patreon.

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