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Publisher NekoNyan has revealed a collection of new titles planned for 2020, alongside further updates for previously announced titles.

NekoNyan is a publisher and localizer, specializing in bringing Japanese visual novels to the west. Following the trial release of the Japanese fantasy visual novel Senren*Banka, they have now made a series of announcements for their plans in 2020, which contain updates on previously announced titles, and reveals of multiple new ones.

Firstly, Senren*Banka was given a full release date, scheduled for February 14th, 2020. NekoNyan’s next projects will be Making Lovers, a romance comedy about a young man’s first experiences with dating, and Hello Lady!, an action series where the protagonist attempts to abolish the ruling system within their school. Both of those visual novels have been fully translated and edited, and await their release sometimes within the next few months.

Additionally, NekoNyan’s first title, Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, together with a Complete Edition release on PC, both of which will contain the previously announced Vita content.

The first new project to follow after their current schedule will be Dracu Riot, a romance comedy about a young man going on a trip to an island city, where he hopes to lose his virginity, but ends up becoming a vampire and losing his right to leave the city. The localization of Dracu Riot was previously worked on by Sekai Project, and has been fully translated and edited. You can read more about Dracu Riot on the title's promotional website.

In their next reveal, NekoNyan has announced plans to release Yuzusoft’s recent title, Riddle Joker. It’s set in an alternate universe, where magic was re-discovered in the late 20th century. The story follows Arihara Satoru, an agent of a secret organization. He's given a mission to infiltrate a renowned school of magic, where one of the girls discovers his identity; however, Arihara discovers that the girl pads her breasts, putting the two of them at a standstill. You can find more details about the visual novel on its promotional website.

In the second part of their announcement, NekoNyan revealed three more games, starting with Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche. Its protagonist is Ouro, a young man who rescues a European princess named Sylvia le Cruzcrown Sortilège Sisua, who takes a liking to him, and forces him to attend the Noble Private Academy with her. NekoNyan has stated that the visual novel is currently 40% translated and 12% edited. You can read more about the title on its promotional website.

Next, NekoNyan announced IxSHE Tell, the 17th project by Hooksoft. This story follows a young man named Hajime, who manages to persuade his school’s board to allow romantic relationships, making him a hero among the student body. Nearly half of the visual novel has been translated and edited so far. You can read more about the title on the IxSHE Tell promotional website.

NekoNyan’s final announcement was Clover Day’s, a slice of life romance novel about a young man living with his adopted family. One day, two girls he befriended in his childhood return to the town, and recall an old promise they made. The visual novel has already been fully translated, and will now undergo the editing process. You can read more about it on its promotional website.

You can read the first and second part of the announcements on NekoNyan’s website.

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