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Yayuro Seeks Funding for their Boys Love Visual Novel Crossed Paths

The Kickstarter campaign is now open for Crossed Paths, a yaoi visual novel where a listless man finds a new dream to pursue in three guys.

Crossed Paths is Yayuro’s first visual novel project. It contains multiple routes with three love interests. The story follows David Rivera, a man who moved to New York to find a job and a new place to live. That's pretty much what his dreams amounted to. After he got a job as a personal trainer and instructor and his own apartment, he’s starting to feel listless. David has no goals anymore and everyday feels like a routine for him. Perhaps he can find a new dream in one of the three guys he knows in the city — guys who have dreams they’re still reaching for.

Who will David choose? There's Noah, your boss, who is trying to keep his gym running after his wife left him; Oliver, the cute barista trying to make it into the world of theater; and Jacob, the introverted street musician who occasionally deals drugs.

Yayuro is asking for $7,500 to fund Crossed Paths on Kickstarter. If the goal was reached, there are four stretch goals available. At $8,500, a special hot story between David and Noah will be added. At $9,500, a special hot story between Jacob and David will be added. At $11,000, a crazy foursome scene will be added. At $13,000, you will have the option to choose who tops and bottoms for each of the routes. A large portion of the funding will go to the art production and the rest will cover taxes, music, writing, editing, and programming.

Get immersed in the stunning CG's illustrated by our artist and the smooth, ear-pleasing soundtrack.

Apart from that, there is also a unique phone system to receive calls and texts from the characters and a bonus minigame too!

You will be playing as David Rivera in this game as he sets out to meet three guys that will change his life forever.

- Price of final release: $12

- A total of 4 characters or more

- Original Soundtrack

- At least 2 hours or more gameplay

- Engaging character sprites, each with different poses and variations.

- Multiple routes for each character with a good and bad endings.

- Phone system to have hot chats with your love interest!

The Kickstarter ends March 1st, 2020. If you are interested in learning more about the campaign or funding the game’s development, check out Yayuro’s Kickstarter. There's also a playable demo for Crossed Paths on the developer's page if you'd like to try it.

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