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Venus Noire has released an early access version of their eroge RPG, Seeds of Chaos, on Steam, with TinyHat Studios as their publisher.

Seeds of Chaos is an eroge fantasy visual novel with role-playing elements and a strategic castle management system. It was originally started by Lord Arioch, first funded from his own earnings, and later by fans on Patreon. To give people more opportunities to engage with the project, the development team Venus Noire has teamed up with TinyHat Studios for an early access release on Steam, which will serve as an alternative to the monthly subscription system of Patreon.

Seeds of Chaos is a tragedy about a retired hero named Rowan. In the past, Rowan had helped slay the demon lord, but years later, the demon lord’s direct descendants appeared and bested him in both wits and brawn. As it turns out, they haven’t come for revenge, instead seeking to use Rowan in their campaign to conquer the world, as they feel is their birthright. You can decide whether Rowan will be forced to serve them, or become corrupt and do so willingly, but, in the end, the fallen hero will work to destroy the kingdoms he once protected.

The gameplay merges visual novel storytelling with role-playing and turn-based strategy elements. Rowan will be asked to roam the continent, with a limited amount of movement points per week. New story events will occur whenever you find points of interest on the map, or at the beginning of specific weeks. Each week begins at the demon's castle, where you can purchase items and conduct research, which will provide you with new options and improve the castle.

Sexual encounters in the game include consensual and non-consensual straight, gay, lesbian, and NTR sex, with the appearance of fantasy races, monsters, and furry creatures. Most of these scenes are optional, and can be denied in the dialogue choices preceding them if they don’t appeal to the player.

You can now purchase Seeds of Chaos on Steam at the promotional price of $17.99 until the 7th of February, at which point the game will cost $19.99.

A demo version of the game is available on Itch.io. You can also support Seeds of Chaos on Patreon, where the latest build is available to patrons pledging $5 or more a month.

We have previously conducted an interview with the game’s lead developer Lord Arioch, which you can read here.

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