If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Interact with other player avatars in an online hub and play an Adventure Time-esque action game in Hot Glue.

Hot Glue is a nukige made through the combined efforts of Sausage Roll, working on the programming and game design, Mike Inel, in charge of directing and art, and with additional assets by Manyakis and BellMouse. The game has character customization for online features — you first choose a base model from the three fuckma figures, a parody of the Figma figures, and customize it a little bit. You can get more customization options when you’re in the online hub. These include breast size, tops, bottoms, shoes, hairstyles, poses, interactions, and more.

Before entering, you decide whether your avatar can be seen by other players or not and if other players can interact with your avatar. In the current build, you won’t see people playing the game and interact with them in real-time, but you will be able to see other players’ avatars and interact with them. The aforementioned interactions are sex animations that you apply to your avatar in character customization. You can only pick one animation, so choose your favorite. Then, you can go to another avatar and choose either your interaction or theirs, though it bears mentioning that players can only interact with yours if you’re logged in to Game Jolt.

The interactions are looped animations that you can change the camera angles of. It will continue to play until you get out of the action yourself. During an interaction, you may see a flash of light and get a picture taken by the paparazzi, after which the picture is posted onto a photo display in the hub. The pictures are up for a short time and can be switched out with the most recent pictures or random ones.

Hot Glue plans to add mini-games in the future, but the part they are focused on is the Adventure game. This is a replacement for Mike Inel’s What if “Adventure Time” was a 3D Anime Game, an action game that parodies the cartoon, Adventure Time. To avoid copyright issues, you’ll meet characters like Hero, Candy Queen, Vamp Chick, Ice Princess, and more.

The build of the adventure game has one short level that gets into combat and game mechanics. Attack with one button and tap repeatedly to do a combo. There are souls trapped inside enemies and they only come out when you attack it enough times. When a soul comes out of the enemy, you need to summon it so that it comes closer to you. Once close enough, the soul will fuck your character until satisfied, though the gauge will not fill up if the soul does not like the sex position. You’ll have to switch through positions to find the one the soul likes best. You can’t be attacked during sex, but you can be attacked while summoning. If you leave a spirit waiting too long, it will go back into the enemy and go back to attacking you.

Adventure Game - The replacement for Mike Inel's "What if Adventure Time was an Anime Game?", but as a full-blown pornographic adventure game! Featuring knock-off, copyright-free characters from Adventure Time, such as the Hero, Candy Queen, Vamp Chick, Ice Princess, and more!

One-Hand Controls - Pretty much everything in the game is controlled with only one hand. Great for playing while.. eating chips!

Development Plans:

- More parts to customize your character. (Hair, clothes, face, etc.)

- More poses and animations to show and interact with.

- More hub places to explore and hang around.

- A wild story with tons of places and boss battles to play with for the Adventure game.

You can download Hot Glue on Game Jolt. If you are interested in aiding the game’s development, consider donating to the game’s Patreon.

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