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Independent developer Nuneko is working on an adult farming and breeding simulator, titled Settlers of Ceinov.

Settlers of Ceinov is an alternate version of Adventurous Monster Breeder, which we presented back in 2016. It’s being created alongside the original project since the closure of LustOverReality's Patreon. It contains the same features and goals as its originator, but has a different art style and no lolicon content, which was highly criticized.

Nuneko describes their project, Settlers of Ceinov, as an action-farming simulator. Being worked on by Nuneko, the game is still in very early phases of development. For now, Settlers of Ceinov centers around managing a homestead where the player can breed and trade monster girls caught in the wild, which will provide them funds to further upgrade and furnish their buildings.

Each monster girl is randomly generated, with a variety of monster girl species and physical characteristics. Additionally, each girl has her own statistic values, which can be developed by practicing actions associated with a given value, meaning that a girl having sex will get progressively better at it over time.

Currently, the game features over ten monster species, clothing and body physics, procedural character and NPC generation, an interaction system, a pregnancy system, and the ability for NPCs to interact with one another. The player can choose between a male or female breeder and explore an open world looking for gathering spots of the monster girls. Currently, capturing them is just a dialogue choice. This solution was chosen by the players in a survey, though, it could change as development proceeds.

The other version of the game, titled Adventurous Monster Breeder, is still being separately developed by LustOverReality on different platforms. It’s updated at the same rate as Nuneko’s project, with the main differences being artistic style and the presence of loli monster girls. You can take a look at it here:

You can support Settlers of Ceinov on Nuneko's Patreon, where a free demo version of the game is available. It features a couple of monster girls you can breed with and the ability to purchase beds in the barn. To get access to the latest version of the game you will need to pledge at least $5 to the project.

If you’d rather take a look at the original game, you can read about it on LustOverReality’s website. It also features a free demo version, available on Gamejolt, Megaupload, and The latest paid version of Adventurous Monster Breeder is available for supporters on pixivFANBOX and Subscribestar.

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