Fapping is more than just a game

It’s time to help yourself with an “All-you-can-fuck coupon” in the nukige visual novel Customer Cums First.

Developed by Norn / Miel and published by Cherry Kiss Games, Customer Cums First puts you in the shoes of Akira. After receiving a “Breeding License,” which recognizes a man’s fertility and ability to have children, you receive an “All-you-can-fuck” coupon in the mail. It offers special deals available at the shopping district nearby, where sexy milfs, housewives, and shopkeepers frequent. You can get a full body examination by the nurses at the clinic, an arousing massage at the bathhouse, and order off of the secret menu at a cafe to get some intimate special services from the waitresses.

A coupon like this provides you with a lot of opportunities, so don’t wait to use it. Some of these women are looking for a little more fulfillment and, after hearing about your sexual abilities, they eagerly wait for your arrival.


It's just like any other shopping district in Japan except the windows are lined with sexy shopkeepers, trophy wives, ditzy married women, innocent newlyweds, and voluptuous vixens! These ladies make sure to keep their shops, and legs, open to their favorite customer! What would you do then if you got an "All-you-can-f***" coupon in the mail one day?


-Translated version of the original Japanese Visual Novel

-19 intimate scenes demonstrating excellent customer service from the ladies in 'Customer Cum First'.

-Includes all original Japanese voice-overs for all the dialogue.

-HD upscaled images with 16:9 and 4:3 variants.

-Audio including music and special effects

-Gallery and Scene selections

You can buy Customer Cums First for $9.99 on Steam and, as of writing, on sale for a reduced price of $7.99 from JAST USA and FAKKU.

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