Taking the Internet from behind

Take care of a young girl from an abusive family, or abuse her yourself in Banana King’s management game, Nai's Training Diary.

In Nai's Training Diary the player takes the role of a journalist who is one day visited by a policeman. The officer introduces them to a shy, young girl named Nai. He explains that she was rescued from an abusive family, but the full investigation will take a hundred days and the police station is an unfit place for a child to remain for that long. Given the circumstances, the journalist agrees to take care of the girl.

It quickly comes to light that Nai is severely scarred and has a disrupted view of the world, seeing herself as garbage unworthy of eating at the table. It is in your hands as the player whether you will help re-socialize her and give her a happy life — or abuse her as if she was property — by making decisions through dialogue choices.

Nai has a set of statistics that determine her mood and growth. How you treat her will determine how favorably she sees you, sending her off to work will stress her out, while various jobs will develop her personal skills. Rising her statistics leads to new story events and unlocks new endings. Each day is divided into three periods, which you can spend by interacting with Nai or scheduling various activities for her.

Sexualy explicit encounters in Nai's Training Diary play from both the journalist’s and Nai’s perspectives. You decide actions of the journalist while Nai is at home, allowing you to be forceful or develop your bond, and engage in a more kind-hearted romance. While at work, Nai may be approached by other NPCs, where you will be able to make decisions for her and choose how naive or lustful she can be.

You can purchase the PC and Android versions of Nai's Training Diary on DLsite for $13.14 [estimated from ¥1,430]. The game contains the usual mosaic censorship. You can gain access to a decensoring patch by pledging $2 to the developer’s Patreon, where uncensored versions of their other titles are available at higher tiers of patronage.

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