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NekoNyan has released a demo version of the upcoming English release of Senren*Banka, an urban fantasy visual novel developed by Yuzusoft.

Senren*Banka was developed by Yuzusoft in 2016 to celebrate the developer’s tenth anniversary. It won numerous awards, and attracted the interest of NekoNyan and Hikari Field, who have been working on the upcoming English and Chinese release. We don’t know the exact date of when Senren*Banka will become fully available in English, but a free trial version has now been released, allowing those interested to try a lengthy portion of the game.

The story of Senren*Banka follows Arichi Masaomi, who’s visiting his grandpa in the Hoori village. While there he’s asked to attempt lifting a sacred sword stuck in a stone within the village shrine, which he succeeds in doing. This in turn leaves him with the responsibility of fighting the town’s curse alongside the human soul residing in the sword, the shrine’s princess, and her bodyguard. While the task at hand is difficult, the three girls helping Arichi will face their true hardships after the curse is gone, when they have to find their new place in the world.

The visual novel is a slice of life comedy with occasional action sequences. The current trial version doesn’t contain any sex scenes, but the full release will have a plenty of vanilla sexual encounters within the five available routes.

You can download the free trial version of Senren*Banka from Steam. It has no sexually explicit content at the moment, but an adult patch will be available for the full version of the visual novel, once it’s released. While we don’t know the full release date yet, NekoNyan has promised to reveal it in the near future.

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