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Check out what Holodexxx has been working on and play with adult star Riley Reid in the Holodexxx: Riley Reid ‘Sneak Peek’.

Holodexxx has been working on developing photorealistic models of adult stars to provide the most immersive erotic experiences in virtual reality. They have a team of award-winning video game artists, VR game designers, and specialized programmers to provide life-like realism to assist in the eroticism. Holodexxx has released Holodexxx: Riley Reid ‘Sneak Peek' on Imagine VR with the actual adult star introducing it and what to expect in the future from Holodexxx.

The game is a lead up for their first official release, Holodexxx Home. Holodexxx: Riley Reid ‘Sneak Peek' lets you experience a virtual lapdance from Riley Reid. She’ll react realistically to your movements and touch, like moaning when you spank her, making the experience more natural. In short, this showcase depicts what Holodexxx is capable of and working on.

Holodexxx has built a reputation in the VR industry for experiences featuring photorealistic models of adult stars. They achieve this with revolutionary state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology, advanced full-body motion capture, and voice-controlled AI systems. Unlike 360 degree video, the user is not confined to just one fixed view point and can interact with the model more naturally. Their team is composed of award-winning video game artists as well as VR game designers. Specialist programmers are part of the team as well and also help contribute to the life-like realism of their immersive erotic experiences.

You can buy Holodexxx: Riley Reid ‘Sneak Peek' on Imagine VR for $5.00. While it is a virtual reality game, it can still be played without a VR system. If you are interested in seeing more of Holodexxx’s work, check out their Patreon page and, if interested, become a patron, which allows you access to their unrated demo.

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