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Country Girl Reiko, Ota Guchi Field's new RPG about a socially awkward country girl who becomes more confident, is now available on Steam, Denpasoft, FAKKU, MangaGamer, and JAST USA.

Developed by Ota Guchi Field and published by Kagura Games, Country Girl Keiko is a slice of life RPG, where you play as the quiet and shy introvert, Keiko. She attends a strict agricultural university in Cocco village, but has given up on making friends and spends her free time at home.

When a professor asks Keiko to stop some trouble-making students from skipping class, she needs to learn how to interact with people and become more confident. Keiko will ask for help on how to interact with people, but due to her naive and innocent nature, they tell her to do sexual things and claim that they are casual interactions. Will Keiko really find her confidence and bring all the students back, or will her new skills lead her down a different path?



An introverted and plain-looking girl with a very precocious body. She’s given up on making friends as everyone seems to either make fun of her or shun her due to her looks, and spends her off-time locking herself up at home.

Keiko (alternate route)

The queen of Cluck School. Totally oblivious about relationships, she sucks in any info she gets as fact. Due to her now stunning looks, she’s becoming particularly popular among the male denizens of Cocco.

Mystery Girl

Whoa, where did this hottie come from?

Clear the main story and find out for yourself!


Keiko’s mother. Still dazzlingly beautiful even at her current age, she seems to have past history with the men of Cocco, and is trying her best to steer her daughter away from the same path she went down.


The men-hating clerk at Cocco Market. For unclear reasons, she seems to harbor a deep mistrust towards all the men in town, and won’t hesitate to beat them up at the slightest provocation. Nevertheless, she cares for Keiko deeply and often acts as her big sister in times of need.

You can buy Country Girl Keiko from Steam and Denpasoft for $15.99, JAST USA and FAKKU for the sale price of $14.39, and MangaGamer for the discounted price of $14.35. If you buy the Steam version, you can download a free 18+ patch from Kagura Games' website.

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