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The Armory is creating Despot Desires, an erotic fantasy visual novel with a quest, dating, and day/night system.

Despot Desires follows the lives of a Hero and a defeated Overlord who’s forced to live with him. After the Hero defeats the Overlord, he seals her powers with a mythical crystal stone, the Kutawala. With the Kutawala attached to the Overlord, she is forced to follow any order the Hero gives to her. Since the Overlord cannot be killed by ordinary means, the Hero makes her his servant. They live together in the village he grew up in and vows to make her suffer for waging a war against humans and those who died in the battles. Can these two find some common ground and understand each other? Will love or lust form from this cohabitation?

Despot Desires is set up like a point-and-click game to go around the map, letting players explore the world and interact with the unique characters in the village. Additionally, there is a day and night system in the game. Whenever you speak to someone, the in-game time will go by, and some characters and areas are only available during specific times of the day.

Accept quests from villagers and form friendships, or start dating them. There are four girls you can date; the Overlord, nun, childhood friend, and blacksmith. You can choose between love or domination in your relationships — the path you take depends on your choices.

Current Features:

- Love/Domination system (2 Paths)

- Compelling world to investigate

- Day/Night & Weekday system

- Deep characters with detailed goals

- Town building

- Town Map

- Interchangeable costume choices (Dress Up!)

- Four girls with unique looks, bodies, and personalities

- Stunning backgrounds

- Modern rpg like quest system

- Main quest and lots of side quests

- Lots of interesting side characters

- Dating/friendship system

- Lots of nudity and adult humor

- Modern RPG Dialogue tree

- Extended dialogue

- Costume User Generated Characters

You can download the public build of Despot Desires, or become a patron and gain access to the current build on The Armory’s Patreon page.

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