Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Explore a mysterious forest and fight vicious monsters in Lunasoft’s Magic & Slash -Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure-, now available on MangaGamer.

Magic & Slash -Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure- is an action RPG with hack and slash combat. You play as Riru, an apprentice to the adventurer, Tanya. When Tanya receives a message from her brother, Luis, about strange occurrences in Cain Village, she takes Riru with her to investigate. A villain escaped from prison and, soon after, the village was plagued by a forest that grew over the road at night. To make things worse, vicious monsters reside within the strange forest, making it dangerous to leave and enter the Cain Village. It’s time for Ruri to step up and put her budding skills to the test.

In the game, you will be gathering items to help you in a battle against swarms of enemies. Find weapons and outfits for your character to wear, and customize her different equipment and skills to fit your playstyle. There is also a clothing damage feature, where Riru’s clothes will tear when she takes damage.

An orthodox fantasy adventure starring the apprentice adventurer, Riru!

Her story begins in a small, frontier town known as Cain Village.

One day, the road leading into the village is suddenly blocked off by a sea of trees that sprouted up overnight. Worse yet, savage monsters begin to take up residence in this new forest, threatening the safety of those living in the village.

In response to this developing crisis, Luis, a young man running the village’s inn, writes to his sister, an adventurer named Tanya, seeking her help in investigating this dramatic change in the land.

With her brother’s letter in hand and her apprentice Riru in tow, Tanya returns to her hometown where her brother awaits…

-A true action RPG with swords and magic, developed by Lunasoft!

-Collect powerful items in this Hack & Slash!

-Get plenty of other “enjoyment” too, with special outfits, clothing damage, and monster assault!

Lunasoft’s praised clothing damage system returns!

-Plenty of content for hardcore gamers too!

-Not into min-maxing? Try Easy Mode!

You can buy Magic & Slash -Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure- from MangaGamer on sale for $15.96. After the sale, the price will return to the original price of $19.95.

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