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[Updated 01-11-2020 11:34 PM EST]: Changed instances of developer's name to "Mousou Endemic" as, despite the announcement and copyright having the name as "DelusionEndemic," the developer is listed as Mousou Endemic on Steam and JAST USA. A few links were updated/fixed as well.

Reconsider your marriage as you hunt monsters to finance your husband’s career in Zefira, developed by Mousou Endemic and published by Kagura Games.

Zefira is a busty half-elven adventurer. She very nearly died on one of her quests but was rescued by a kind young man. The two of them grew closer and eventually married; afterward, Zefira decided to support her new husband’s career by returning to adventuring. Now that she's back in the wild, her faithfulness will be put to the test.

Zefira is a turn-based RPG where you control the titular Zefira as you try to gather money to support your husband — and potentially leave him. The game offers three main story routes: one about working in the adventuring guild with a womanizing adventurer, one about becoming a maid at an old man’s mansion, which hides a secret dungeon, and one involving a mysterious stalker. In addition to the turn-based combat, the gameplay features handcrafted and randomized dungeons, an extensive skill tree, randomized bonuses on loot, and an enchanting system.

All sex scenes in the game are tied to story events and involve Zefira enjoying herself behind her husband’s back in vanilla scenarios. Zefira can be customized to wear glasses, with three available designs that appear on her sprite and during hentai CGs. There’s a total of 20 base CGs, and over 500 when accounting for variants.

You can purchase Zefira on JAST USA, Steam, and Denpasoft at the promotional price of $10.79 until the 16th of January. Later, it will cost $11.99 at full price. The game is also available on MangaGamer at the promotional price of $10.75, where it will later cost $11.95 at full price.

Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately as a patch available on Kagura Games’ website.

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