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Escape a forest of tentacles and slimes in o_m(localize)’s RPG, Milly and the Forest of Sacrifice.

In Milly and the Forest of Sacrifice, you play as the titular character, an elf girl named Milly who was offered to an evil forest as a sacrifice. She will try to escape the forest, but many tentacles will violate her along the way.

This is an exploratory RPG with no battles or puzzles. You simply wander the forest-like dungeon for H-scenes. There are warps you can use to move quicker through the forest and find more scenes. Milly also has erotic stats in the menu, if you want to keep track of her lewdness. Some scenes may change slightly depending on her level of lewdness.

The scenes are focused on tentacles and slimes only (no humans or other monsters) and there are over thirty scenes. Walking up to a tentacle will trigger the scene to play. Once completed, you will have the option to skip the scene if you accidentally trigger it again. Even though there are no battles, certain H-scenes can lead to a game over. When you complete the game, all scenes will be unlocked in the memories room, allowing you to rewatch them later.

** Content

An exploration-type RPG with tentacles (no battles).

With no puzzle-solving and gimmicks, enjoy stress-free play as you search for H Events.

- H Scenes: 30 + ( Lewdness differences)

- CG: 20 Basic + variations (excluding pose art)

- Memories Room included

(After clearing the game once, all events are unlocked immediately)

- Lewdness and Nude mode included

- Event Skip included

- Erotic Stats included

- Virgin Clear not available.

* H Situations

Sex situations only include tentacles and slimes.

*Humans and monsters not included.

Tentacles, Slimes, Stomach inflation, vore, anal, egg-laying, octopus legs, etc.

Various tentacle-corruption situations included.

You can buy the English version of Milly and the Forest of Sacrifice on sale for $12.05 (estimated from ¥1,320) on DLsite. After February 5th, the sale will end and the price will increase to $15.06 (estimated from ¥1,650). There is also a demo that you can try out for yourself. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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