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Verging Mary Studio Releases Public Alpha Demo of Mirilla's Adventure

To pay her master and her rent, Mirilla will forage for items to sell in the item gathering and crafting game Mirilla’s Adventure.

Mirilla’s Adventure is a crafting adventure game where you need to earn a certain amount of money before the deadline. As Mirilla, you’ll explore a forest and gather materials to craft and sell. Move from area to the next until you reach the end to get to the next stage. You'll have a limited time during the day to collect items, so spend it wisely. Mining from a larger rock or cutting down larger bushes will give you more items, but it will take much longer to collect.

While out foraging, monsters will try to attack your summons, or the eyes that follow you around. You can send them out to fight enemies while you continue to collect items. Your summoned eyes have a health bar, so if they are defeated, the defenseless Mirilla will get fucked by the enemies. After the H-scene, the day will end and you will be sent back home for the night.

At night, Mirilla can craft items to sell and buy upgrades to help while you’re out collecting. Based on the items you have on you, craft items that you can sell for a high price and put them up for sale. At night, Mirilla’s master Makita will come over to sell upgrades. With these upgrades can increase your health bar, number of summons, gathering speed, and time limit.

We at Verging Mary Studio proudly present you a game where a cute girl does cute gathering stuff until... something not so cute happens... Well it is about a girl named Mirilla, employed by her master Makita, to gather and sell things to be able to pay Makita and her rent.

Discover myriads of items to collect and craft! Upgrade your summons to be able to fight the monster that lurk around exciting loot.

You can play the alpha demo of Mirilla’s Adventure on More information on the game will be available on the Mirilla’s Adventure site. You can also support Verging Mary Studio by donating to their Patreon.

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