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Shadow Portal's spin on Arthurian lore, which has Arthur studying under Mistress Merlin, has been rebooted by Lust Portal as Camelot: Reborn.

Loosely inspired by the Arthurian Legends, Camelot: Reborn is an adventure game visual novel where Arthur is studying under Merlin on his father’s request. The game plays out from the Arthur’s perspective, with him trying to learn what he can about the world and the mystical arts from Merlin — who in this story is a lustful woman trying to groom Arthur into a puppet king so she can rule over England through him in the future.

The game was originally an RPG Maker title and the first project of the indie team Shadow Portal, who eventually put the project on hold to work on Slutcraft instead. Camelot: Reborn is a complete reboot of the project from Lust Portal — which has the same lead as the original, but a new team of artists and writers.

Camelot: Reborn now uses the Renpy engine and is mostly a visual novel, along with elements of a point and click adventure game. Arthur will be given various tasks by Merlin and, to complete them, the player has to explore various locations interacting with objects and items.

So far, the erotic content in Camelot: Reborn features various scenarios with Merlin’s exhibitionist tendencies and scenes with monster girls like demons and nymphs. It also includes Arthur getting a blowjob and him spying on Merlin’s lesbian escapades.

If you’re interested in Camelot: Reborn, you can download the first, lengthy build from Lust Portal’s Patreon, where you can also support the developers. The $1 tier offers access to updates and a walkthrough, the $5 tier has quicker access to future builds and bonus content, while the $10 tier offers the fastest access to new builds and the ability to vote on future changes.

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