Lick twice for service

Tutor a slutty gal who sucks at studying and in return she’ll suck you off in Orcsoft’s Oral Lessons With Chii-can.

On Christmas Eve, FAKKU published Oral Lessons With Chii-chan. This nukige puts you in the shoes of Muroto Kouta, a student living on his own due to some issues with his family. While at a convenience store near his apartment, he encounters Shiina Chieri, best known as Chii-chan by her friends.

Known for her massive tits and thick ass, Chii-chan is gushing with erotic appeal. Since she is a ditzy and fun-loving kogal with a sexy body, it’s not surprising that there are countless rumors about her. Some say she gets cash from old sugar daddies, while others say she earns her money through prostitution. One rumor going around even says that she is cherry-popping slut who has taken the virginity of thousands of guys.

Chii-chan’s body and reputation are hard to ignore. When she asks Kouta to become her tutor due to her failing grades, she offers to give him naughty services as payment. Unable to refuse, Kouta spends a hot summer with the sexiest girl in school.

FAKKU is also working on the After Story that unlocks once you finish the game. Once done, it will be released as a free update if you already own the game.

It was the Saturday right after exams. Summer vacation was right around the corner.

Muroto Kouta, who was living on his own due to complications with his family, encountered his gyaru classmate, Shiina Chieri. And Chieri, known to her friends as Chii-chan, was casually sucking on a popsicle at the convenience store near his apartment.

Chii-chan's a girl who lets her titanic tits, plump thighs, and meaty ass shake with every single step. She flashes her panties like second nature and oozes so much sex appeal that she ruins the grades of any guy sitting next to her in class.

Since she's got the body of a goddess and a fun-loving, ditzy personality, there are all sorts of rumors about her. Some say she's got an older sugar daddy. Some say she supports herself through prostitution. Some say she's an insatiable glutton who's dined on a thousand virgin cocks.

And now, it's Kouta's job to tutor her at his apartment every day after school. He gets to spend some quality alone time with a tanned gyaru who has a body so smoking hot even god would get a boner!

You can buy Oral Lessons With Chii-chan for $19.99 on FAKKU.

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