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Bring humans and elves together in FShadow’s elf training RPG, The Elven Educator, now available on English DLsite.

For a long time, the humans and elves did not communicate with each other in any way. The two tribes remained separated until an elf girl appeared before you, a human. She asked you to help her people learn about humans and how to interact with them. In The Elven Educator, you’ll need to slowly invade the elven lands, capture them, and slowly train them depending on your needs.

Go to the surrounding forests and battle an elf in a turn-based battle until she collapses. After locking her in a cell, you will have the option to name and discipline her. There are different ways to discipline your elves, depending on what stats you want them to gain. You can either make them more perverted, masochistic or lustful. When you develop a stat enough, more discipline methods will unlock, which will improve the elf’s battle-related stats, such as attack, defense, magic, etc.

Developing your elves' stats has multiple purposes: you can increase a specific stat to fulfill a request, have them work to earn money, or send them back to the forest to tell the other elves about how great the humans are. If an elf becomes strong enough, you can send her to fight monsters in the forest or enter her in the Colosseum. Build up her strength and defense, equip her with gear and send her out there to be a great fighter. Such actions will aid in increasing your public reputation.

Separated for a thousand years, the human and elf tribes never had any contact.

Until one day, an elf girl appeared asking for your help.

To save the her people, she needs you to "teach" them human knowledge.

- It's up to you, the player, to invade the Elven lands, and capture and train them.

- Manage their lust, pain, and perversion states to train them how you want.

- The colosseum features battles with defeat scenes.

- Strengthen character abilities and weapons.

- Strategize using your battle cards to outmaneuver the enemy.

- Use Reaction and Trigger Skills together to create variations.

- Your elves' stats grow as you train them.

- Gain equipment in dungeons (equipped automatically)

15 base CGs, 2 variations

350 CGs total

You can buy The Elven Educator in English on DLsite for the discounted price of $12.66. When the sale ends on January 16th, the price will increase up to $18.09. Additionally, there is also a demo available for download if you want to try it out before buying, though the demo will launch in Japanese. To change the language, you will need to access the taskbar at the top, go to settings, then to languages. If that does not work, check to see if you have your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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