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Save the world from the Extinction Shrine Maiden’s curse through impregnation in the side-scrolling action game, Strike! Ovulation Divine Fist! Rebellion to Extinction!

Developed by EIROS HENTAI GAMES, Strike! Ovulation Divine Fist! Rebellion to Extinction! Is an action nukige where you play as Auria, the hero of the Auria continent. After the Extinction Shrine Maiden put a curse upon the continent, no children were being born there. In order to break the curse, Auria sought the help of the Ancient Magna Matel, who then taught him the “Ovulation Fist” and the “Ritual of Prosperity,” which, they say, can break the curse. Thus, Auria and the Extinction Shrine Maiden’s battle over the life of the world begins.

While in most action games, there is a focus on fighting or combat, this one mainly has you blocking the Execution Shrine Maiden’s attacks. Simply block her attacks until you can get close enough to restrain her and fill your libido gauge. You’ll need to fill it six times and she will break out of your grasp. After hitting her with Ovulation Fist and impregnating her, you will battle her again in ten months to witness “The Ritual of Birth.”

Easy Operation Battle Fuck Action! !

While defending against the attacks of the Extinction Shrine Maiden using the shield activated by the S button, approach and restrain the enemy by pressing the Y key. Mash the Y key quickly to raise the Libido gauge.

Fill 6 gauges to clear the stage.

After clearing the stage, you will witness an event such as "The Ritual of Birth".

Some event scenes can be advanced by pressing the Y key.

Following the regular ending, you may select the "TRUE BATTLE" button on the Title screen to proceed to the True route.

You can reach Normal ending even with the Demo version.

The product version has a true end.

You can buy Strike! Ovulation Divine Fist! Rebellion to Extinction! On DLsite for $10.05. There is also a demo available to play with the normal ending. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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