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Enjoy a peaceful summer with kemonomimi goddesses in Le:CODE's newly released eroge visual novel, WABISABI.

Developed by Le:CODE and published by Denpasoft, WABISABI is a slice of life visual novel with fantastical characters and illustrations done by Yun Aoi.

The story follows Kousuke, an art college student, coming home to Hoshizuki for the summer. When he arrives in the countryside, Kousuke is greeted by four kind and caring goddesses with animal ears. The village of Hoshizuki is where gods and humans coexist with each other. In this quiet village with harmonious people, historical shrines, and an abundance of nature, feelings will rise to the surface and a heartwarming story will begin.

Here are the four goddesses:


cv. Hina Nanri

A priestess and goddess of Hoshizuki Shrine.

Has a gentle and homely personality and is especially skilled when it comes to housework.

She calls Kousuke, "Master".

Haru sometimes tries a bit too hard, and goes overboard in her efforts.


cv. Iroha Haruno

A priestess of Hoshitsuki Shrine.

With an energetic innocence, she's popular with everyone. She calls Kousuke, "Onii-chan".

More than anyone else, she strives to do her best for the people she cares about.


cv. Ichika Asahina

An ancient and high-ranking goddess who unites the area surrounding Hoshizuki Shrine.

Haru and Aki call her, "Onee-chan".

A free spirited individual who's also quite an otaku.


cv. Nami Umino

A white heron goddess who has lived in Hoshizuki since olden times.

Quiet and mysterious but nevertheless, she is good friends with Aki.

She is aware of Kousuke's secret.

You can buy WABISABI on sale from Denpasoft, FAKKU, and JAST USA, for $17.99 and on DLsite for $18.08. When the launch sales end, the price will increase back up to $19.99. If you have problems with the DLsite version of the title, check to see if you have your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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