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Lilith’s visual novel about corrupting vampires through brain bugs, Cara the Bloodlord, has been fan translated by RunQ.

RunQ has produced a fan translation for Lilith’s Cara the Bloodlord, which was published on Rattan Man Translations. The hardcore nukige is set in the same universe as Lilith’s urban fantasy series, Taimanin Asagi, where demons live hidden from most humans, and often prey on them.

Cara the Bloodlord is about the relationship between vampires and humans. Thanks to the current leader of the vampires, Cara Cromwell, the two races have established peace; however, the story’s protagonist and Cara’s uncle, Gram, is not enthralled with that idea, seeing humans as nothing but livestock. Gram plans to stop the peace agreement before it can become official, by implanting Cara and her guards with mind-control bugs, in order to corrupt Cara and her lackeys.

Animated adventure featuring a vampire queen and brainwashing!

Several paths to conquer the heroine with brainwashing! The way to reach Carla to turn her into a slutty girl is through capturing her guards!

The player becomes Gram, the protagonist, and chooses which girl to start with. Choosing options in several places and the ending will change!

*Forbidden curse with worms to brainwash the girls in a terrible way...

Gram secretly sends worms into the girls' body and the girls are mind-controlled without noticing it. One by one, the vampire queen's bodyguards are fallen, and finally he reaches out to Carla's sensitive body to take his revenge on her...!?

Anime and CG modes are interchangeable!

Animation or still images... configure to your taste!

Sex scenes are presented in a very beautiful, sensational and sensual way with AfterEffects animation!

You can download RunQ’s translation of Cara the Bloodlord from Rattan Man Translations. Instructions on how to install the patch are included in the zip file.

If you don’t have access to the visual novel and would like to purchase it first, you can find Cara the Bloodlord available on DLsite for $28.12, estimated from ¥3080.

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