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Peepoodo and The Super Fuck Friends Season 2 Open on Kickstarter

Bobbypills is raising money for season two of their educational adult show, Peepoodo and The Super Fuck Friends.

Peepoodo and The Super Fuck Friends is described as "a sex positive and educative series for children eighteen and up." It goes over all forms of sexuality without taboo or prejudice and a key focus on tolerance. Written by Balak, Brice Chevillard, and Nicholas Athané, Peepoodo is about the titular character and the sex related experiences he has with his friends in The Pretty Forest.

The second season takes place after Peepoodo destroyed the earth with his dick. He, and his friends are stuck in Dr. Pussycat’s doctor’s office, which has been turned into a makeshift spaceship. Peepoodo, Dr. Pussycat, Tuffalo, and Evelyne are searching for a new planet to live on, but each one is more dangerous than their previous home, the Pretty Forest. Along the way, they come to understand alien sexuality in ways they never knew existed.

Bobbypills is asking for 290,000€ (around $321,238 USD) to fund season two of Peepoodo. Since the show is too sexual for most platforms and not sexual enough for others, Bobbypills has taken to Kickstarter to make it happen. They plan to make this season with a science fiction theme and if funded, the series will at least go for five episodes. There are five stretch goals in total and each one adds another episode to the season. Episode six will happen at 340,000€ (around $376,690 USD), episode seven at 390,000€ (around $432,086 USD), episode eight at 440,000€ (around $487482 USD), episode nine at 490,000€ (around $542,877 USD), and episode ten at 540,000€ (around $598,273 USD). If they go beyond the ten episode goal, Bobbypills would also like to get both seasons dubbed in Japanese and season two dubbed in English, along with subtitles in multiple languages.

After destroying the earth with his dick, Peepoodo (accompanied by Dr Pussycat, Evelyne and Tuffalo) is loitering in space aboard the doctor’s office; now repurposed as a makeshift spaceship. While looking for a new planet to settle on, they discover that space is a much more hostile environment than the Pretty Forest, and they encounter various forms of alien sexuality which defy the imagination…

Season 2 of Peepoodo, Peepoodo & the Super Space Friends can be summarised in two words: “Sex trek”, Star Trek with sex, full of plot twists and strong messages, dealing with the issues of today. We’d describe it as a sexual variation on Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker Guide To The Galaxy, or Doctor Who. Your favourite characters will all be back, but in a totally new universe (literally! lol!) and with brand new positions: Dr Pussycat will be the captain of the ship, Peepoodo will be her right arm and intern, Tuffalo will be Chief Engineer and Evelyne will be the pilot and communications manager. There will be a new character added to the regular crew: an alien. The search for a new habitable planet serves as a tool for continuity, but Dr Pussycat will still be there to offer scientific anecdotes such as: “Can a black hole suffer a quantic prolapse?”.

The Kickstarter for Peepoodo and The Super Fuck Friends season two ends on January 16th. It's currently sitting at 206,793.55€ (roughly $229,069 USD) of the 290,000€ goal, but you can learn more about the show and watch the first season for free on bobbypills.com to see if it’s something you’re interested in.

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