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Capture the Heart of Yggdrasil, by any means at your disposal, to become the next dark lord in VenusBlood FRONTIER.

VenusBlood FRONTIER is a fantasy SRPG involving the power struggle between the Demons and Gods. Floating in the sky, close to the realm of the gods, there’s a miniature garden called the “Floating Continent of Yggdrasil.” Humans who survived the great war live there and the Dark Lord Surt has set his eyes on it. He told his heirs that the one who brings him the Heart of Yggdrasil will become the new dark lord. There are no rules to this competition, so they are free to sabotage, kill, and make alliances with the other heirs. This leaves them to do whatever they want to bring the Heart of Yggdrasil back to him.

You play as Loki, the cunning demon prince and one of the heirs. Becoming the dark lord means being above all other demons. If Loki can win by corrupting the beautiful goddesses of the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil, then he is more than eager to participate.

VenusBlood FRONTIER has over fifty hours of content to keep you busy. Grow your army and conquer lands to procure resources. Invade the countries and capture the goddess who governs over it. You have the choice to either befriend or corrupt her into a loyal servant. If you want to make a goddess useful in battle, you can mind-break her into an empty headed doll or a battle-hungry berserker.

There are many choices for you to make depending on your playstyle and how much of a challenge you're looking for. Whether you choose the law or chaos route to achieve your goals, each will have unique endings and sub-endings for the heroines. Either expand through peaceful alliances, or crush those who refuse to submit.


Build Your Army: Create your own divisions, building armies with unique synergies to overwhelm your foes!

Build and Upgrade your Base: Make full use of your conquered lands and develop them!

Battle and Conquer Yggdrasil: Build your forces and capture enemy territory before finally launching an assault on the capital city in order to take over the goddess' country!

Intimacy/Corruption Training: Friendship, or domination?Will you befriend the captured goddesses, or will you corrupt them, turning them into loyal servants who answer to your every whim?

Law and Chaos: Harmony or Pandemonium? Depending on your choices, story progression changes... As well as the ultimate ending to your ambition.

Multiple Endings: Virtuous, Corrupted, Mindbroken... Decide, and lead the goddesses towards a new FRONTIER! Do you opt to maintain peace, and settling down with your most beloved heroine...Or do you opt to throw the world into chaos, ruling as the new Supreme Ruler and keeping all the women to yourself?

You can purchase the regular version of VenusBlood FRONTIER from JASTUSA on sale for $35.99. The fan collection, which includes a digital download of the game, soundtrack, and digital artbook, is also on sale for $62.99. After the sale ends, the price of the regular version will increase to $39.99 and the fan collection to $69.99.

VenusBlood FRONTIER will also receive a Steam release, but, as of publish, there is no release date announced.

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