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See whether a jaded young man can open up to others by becoming a cupid in OVERDRIVE’s Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel, published by MangaGamer.

Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel is an urban fantasy visual novel following Tomoe Kirinokojima, a distrustful and depressive young man. One day during archery practice he misses his shot and the arrow hits the guitar of Aine, an angel sitting on a cloud. The angel cannot continue her work with her instrument broken, and instead leaves Tomoe to fill-in for her. Using the final string from Aine's guitar to string Tomoe's bow, the man who doesn’t believe in love is given the ability to grant it to others.

The visual novel was developed by OVERDRIVE and features over 40 hours of reading time, featuring themes of domestic abuse, suicide, murder and death. You can view the opening video and read about its characters below:

Tomoe Kirinokojima

An anti-social and apathetic young man. With the exception of Naruko, he has few people that could be considered friends. His one hobby is archery, an activity he can perform alone.


An angel of love who, at a glance, seems like an ordinary girl who is always energetic, kind, and a bit clumsy. Bringing others happiness is what she lives for. When she is left unable to complete her angelic duties, she enlists Tomoe to act as an "angel’s proxy" to assist her.

Naruko Nakizaki

A long-time friend and classmate of Tomoe’s. Since she’s the only girl Tomoe has allowed to get close, people often tease her and ask if they are dating, but she doesn’t act fazed by their jeers. She is a caring, popular person whom people often come to for advice. While she is reasonably popular with men due in part to her cheerful personality, she never talks about her own romantic interests.

Yuri Hisaka

A transient yet gentle woman one year Tomoe’s senior. She treasures her sister above all else, and leaves school early every day to meet and walk home with her. As a result, she has few friends at school, and more often than not spends time by herself. Secretly, she is actually quite popular with men, whom think of her as maternal, kind, and intelligent.

Minamo Wakamatsu

A cool yet docile girl one year Tomoe’s junior. She focuses on keeping a low profile and not sticking out both at school and in her private life so people won’t take notice of her for a specific reason. Her composure and ability to think in the long-term often leaves her exasperated by those around her.

You can purchase Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel on MangaGamer at the promotional price of $40.45 until the 26th of December, at which point it will cost $44.95, or on Steam at the promotional price of $40.49, where it will cost $44.99 at full price once the promotion ends.

Adult content has to be downloaded separately for the Steam version of the visual novel via a patch available on MangaGamer.

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