Keeping things informal as well as infernal

Train a priestess into being a lusty sex slave in UnholY CreatioN’s nukige, UnHolY ToRturEr.

UnholY CreatioN, who also developed UnHolY DisAsTeR, has released their most recent nukige UnHolY ToRturEr. You play as Vera, a torturer and trainer of sex slaves who also happens to be half dark elf. She hunts down priestesses and brings them to an underground dungeon where demons reside. Vera’s most recent catch is Marianne, a priestess said to have a sacred power that is capable of making her a vessel for demon manifestation.

While training Marianne, you decide how she should be trained and what skills and erogenous zones to focus on. Depending on her status, you can receive different conversations and endings. Mess around with her stats and see how she reacts. As you train her, you'll earn points that you can use on monsters and tools which allow you to develop her training even more.

From the official description on Steam:


You will become the trainer “Vera” and do various trainings to the heroine Marianne.

・ Live2D animation

All the training scenes use Live2D video through touch. Throughout each intense training sessions, you can enjoy smooth animations such as bounching boobs and bodily liquids splashing around.

・ Training development

Using the points gained from training, you will be able to develop monsters and tools to conduct new training.

・ Story branch

Depending on the training, the development level, experience value and special status of each sensual area changes. Depending on the status, new conversation events and training will appear, and the ending will branch off differently as well.

You can find UnHolY ToRturEr on sale for $14.39 on Steam and $13.54 (estimated from ¥1,485) on DLsite. The sale on both sites will end on December 20th. Once over, the price will increase to $15.99 on Steam and $15.05 (estimated from ¥1,650) on DLsite.

There is free R-18 DLC available on Steam, and a demo available on DLsite if you want to try it out for yourself. If you have trouble getting the DLsite version or the demo to work, you may need to set the system locale to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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