Fapping is more than just a game

Young boy Yuuta moves, transfers to a new school, receives a mysterious letter, and gets himself into all kinds of pervy situations in Flatcheez.

Developed by ANDA-YA, Flatcheez is an interactive manga where you play as Yuuta, a boy who moves to a new town and school because of his dad’s job. This leads to many new experiences, such as dealing with the advances of perverted teachers and stimulating feelings that he never felt before. All of it confuses Yuuta but, with the help from friends he met at his new school, life should be much easier.

[An endless manga-like adventure]

While it may look like a normal adventure game to the untrained eye, it plays more like an interactive manga than anything.

You play the main role in the story!... Well, not really. You speak to many different girls and become closer to them!... Not in this game, you don't.

You, the 'reader', stays a bystander until the end.

Flatcheez2 was originally two DLC that were sold separately for the Japanese version. In this game, Yuuta receives a mysterious letter from someone named Princess Alice. The rumor around school is that those who are invited by her are given “ultimate pleasure.”

The DLC is made up of multiple episodes and side stories that you can play with the main one. There is also more gameplay in this one compared to the previous one. Some areas allow you to move around a map and collect items that can affect the main story.

The story is composed of multiple episodes you unlock by playing.

There are also several side-stories to play through in addition to the main story.

Each episode can be unlocked by clearing its specific conditions.

(The main story stays roughly on the same level of naughtiness all along, but some of the side stories are much more perverted...)

Some episodes let you move around freely on a simple yet efficient map.

There is also an item collection event with repercussions on the main story.

You may also unlock some special episodes by finding certain items!

You can find Flatcheez for $10.05 (estimated from ¥1,100) and Flatcheez2 for $22.08 (estimated from ¥2,430) on DLsite. There are demos for both games, but both are short and have no gameplay. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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