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Ecchi Ryona Action RPG Eternal Dread 2 Is Now Available on Steam

Fight legions of monsters and demons in Hitbear Studio’s brutal action RPG, Eternal Dread 2.

Eternal Dread 2 is an action RPG set in a fantasy world being ravaged by monsters and demons. Humans fight them to the best of their ability, yet make little progress. With most of the able men being dead, women are forced to arm themselves and fight against the evil hordes.

The game allows you to choose from six character classes, each with a unique appearance, weapons, and skill trees. You can explore a large world taking on quests, fighting monsters, and collecting resources for crafting new gear. Progression is tied to exploration, with materials and skill points being found scattered throughout the game’s world.

In combat, you can run, dodge, jump, slash or shoot, and use skills or consumable items. Losing to the monsters will initiate a scene showing the brutal way in which your scantly dressed character was executed, together with a written description of their horrible fate. Other adventurers subjected to such suffering can be found dotted throughout the game’s world.

Eternal Dread 2 is an Action-RPG game set in the bleak world ravaged by years of oppression under the demons, where men were all but decimated in the never-ending struggle. All that is left are the younglings and the elderly incapable of taking up arms, leaving the girls in their prime to step up and protect the remnants of human race.

Though the four vile Elder Fiends were vanquished, the threat persists still in great numbers.

To bring the world an everlasting triumph, the surviving humans rose up to hunt down the demoralized demons. And while they were making progress, little they knew that a new tide of darkness is looming. One that will plunge the world into another terrifying eon of torment…

You can purchase Eternal Dread 2 on Steam at the promotional price of $7.99. The promotion will last until the 20th of December, at which point the game will cost $9.99.

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