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Mushi Seeks Funding for Slice of Life Romance Visual Novel Roommate

A small team of indie developers has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their latest project, a romance visual novel, titled Roommate.

Mushi is a studio of indie developers producing short visual novels. In the past they have created a trilogy of comedy hentai novels, titled Dumb, and a summer romance story, Beach☆Volley!!. They now seek to continue their career with Roommate, a romance visual novel about two people living together.

Roommate would let us see the story of Alvin, a young man living together with Naomi, his titular roommate. As the two spend time together they become more romantically involved, however the stability of their relationship is threatened by Naomi’s ex-boyfriend, Brice.

To bring Roommate to life, the studio requires additional funding, which lead them to create a Kickstarter campaign. With 29 days to go, Roommate is currently sitting at $176 USD (estimated from €159) andseeks a minimum funding of $444 USD (converted from €400) for the base game to be created. The visual novel will contain two hours of reading material and multiple endings. Further funding will be dedicated to increasing the game’s length with extra chapters, each planned to be one hour long.

The studio is currently comprised of four developers: the lead developer Yoru, assistant Minii, artist Nick Beja, and a background artist Anirhapsodist. In this project, the team relies on royalty free music from Dova-Syndrome for their soundtrack.

You can read more about Roommate and support the project on Kickstarter. A pledge of $4 USD (estimated from €3) or more will get you a copy of the game on Itch.io or Steam upon release, which has been scheduled for June 2020. A pledge of $6 USD (estimated from €5) will let you access the visual novel a little bit early, but within the same month as the previous tier.

Further tiers of pledges will allow you to leave your name in the credits, get a love letter written by the character Naomi from the visual novel, and access sketches and other development files. The last two tiers are limited, with five donors to pledge $140 USD (estimated from €125) being able to design a H-scene and up to three supporters pledging $279 USD (estimated from €250) gaining the right to add a character into the game.

For now, Mushi is not expecting any risks or challenges regarding the project and hope to release the game on time.

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