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Adventure RPG Shera and the Three Treasures Is Now Available on Steam and MangaGamer

Fulfill your duty by defeating the demon lord in Asgar Knights’ Shera and the Three Treasures.

Shera and the Three Treasures is a fantasy RPG following the titular heroine. Shera comes from a family possessing the power to defeat the demon lord, who has returned after his loss decades ago. Previously, it was her brother Aznar who faced the demon lord, but he’s since become cursed. It now falls on Shera to find the treasures, and defeat the demon lord once and for all.

The game is a classic RPG adventure. Shera can travel around the world interacting with NPCs and fighting bands of monsters she runs into. The game uses an MP system to limit skill use, which requires consumption of items to restore, and an EX system, where points spent to use skills are gained by receiving damage from enemy attacks.

When the Demon Lord was defeated years ago, the world was thought to be at peace.

However, a new Demon Lord has risen to power, and now ruin looms on the horizon once again... but not all is lost.

In the remote village of Dexas lives a particular family of an ancient bloodline. This bloodline is capable of defeating the Demon Lord... but its strongest warrior was cursed by the enemy.

Now, it falls to his sister, Shera, to gather the three Sacred Treasures and use them to defeat the Demon Lord, once and for all!


● Classic RPG experience

● Explore a fantasy world

● Turn-based combat

● Animated battle sprite

You can purchase Shera and the Three Treasures on Steam at the promotional price of $13.49 until the 20th of December, at which point the game will cost $14.99 at full price; or on MangaGamer, where the game is sold at the promotional price of $13.45, and will later cost $14.95 at full price.

FOr the Steam version, adult content for the game has to be installed separately in the form of a patch available on Kagura Games’ website.

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