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D3 Publisher Plans to Release Bullet Girls Phantasia on Steam in Early 2020

The latest installment of the third person shooter full of cute girls, Bullet Girls Phantasia, is heading to Steam.

Bullet Girls Phantasia is a action packed third person shooter, developed by Shade Inc. It was first released on the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan. Early next year, the game will receive a Western release on Steam.

In a fantasy realm, charge into battle with girls who wield an array of weapons. While hordes of enemies — such as slimes, orcs, and dragons — will try to counter them, the girls will take them down with assault rifles, bazookas, magic, swords, and even tanks.

In battle, the girls’ clothes will take damage. As you continue to get injured, their clothes will be destroyed, leaving them in just a bra and panties, maybe even less. Dodge enemy attacks and eliminate the enemy while mowing down the hordes that want to tear you apart.

Another feature is intensive drilling and reverse drilling. Intensive drilling is a 360-degree experience where you can spend time with the girl of your choice and pressure her with various items. Conversely, reverse drilling lets one of the girls pressure you through teasing and verbal abuse. You can play these in a first person view and move the camera wherever you want.

The trailer for Bullet Girls Phantasia courtesy of Gematsu.

◆Cute knights, elves, mages, oh my!

Joining your eight favorites from the series are six new inhabitants of this alternate world.

The old and new will unite together to defeat an all-powerful enemy.

◆Uniforms, armor, and underwear are at the mercy of Clothing Damage!

Armor will be destroyed bit by bit as you take damage from an enemy.

As girls weather the enemy's onslaught, their bras and panties will start to take damage until there's nothing left!

◆Put characters under pressure with the all-new 360-degree Intensive Drilling!

The Intensive Drilling mode has totally evolved.

Characters can be viewed from any angle, and a new Gallery mode enables you to sit back and enjoy.

◆Reverse Drilling for those hankering for some sweet punishment!

Experience another side of the girls by reversing the roles in Reverse Drilling! Enjoy being teased with biting words and actions in this special mode.

You can check out the Bullet Girls Phantasia store page on Steam. While there is no exact date for the release, D3 has it set for an early 2020 release.

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