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Explore the rampant corruption of a cyberpunk city in Yeehaw Games’ Ouroboros Syndrome, a stealth RPG in its early stages of production.

Ouroboros Syndrome takes place in the cyberpunk N city, where those seeking power employ criminals to pursue their sinister goals. The story’s protagonist, Kira, was just an office worker living in the city’s wealthy Core region, until one day, when terrorists attack the building, killing everyone in sight. Kira is rescued by an opposing group and taken out of the Core for her safety.

Having been dragged out of N city’s Core, she can no longer return there, putting an end to her peaceful lifestyle. While she could try to settle in the outer city, she’s far too furious to do so, opting instead decides to join her saviors, the Polecats, in pursuit of whoever instigated the terrorist raid she was the victim of.

Ouroboros Syndrome is being developed using the RPG Maker engine. You can control Kira as she explores the world from a top-down perspective, interacting with NPCs and undertaking tasks for the organization. The game features turn-based combat using ammo management and a limited energy pool to limit the accessibility of skills.

There's a strong emphasis on equipment selection, with a plethora of item slots ranging from clothing, up to implants and their software. Weapons are divided into classes based on their size, with larger weapons being stronger and equipped with more slots for mods that can further improve their statistics, but also make Kira easier to spot during stealth.

During missions, Kira may be tasked with hacking into electronics, which is done through a guessing minigame. Using a limited amount of guesses, the player has to find the right password, using clues from a screen full of potential passwords, and the game revealing how many letters from the previously selected password appear in the right one. Among the loot found in the game are resources that can be used to craft mods, items, and consumables.

Ouroboros Syndrome features animated sex scenes in straight and lesbian pairings, which take place as the story progresses, though some of them are optional. The game is being developed by Yeehaw Games, who have previously worked on a porn parody of Riot Game’s beloved MOBA, League of Corruption, as well as a fantasy corruption-themed RPG, Yorna: Monster Girl’s Secret.

Kira is among the chosen few who enjoy life inside the Core part of the N city. Yet at one fateful day, her whole life turns upside down and she finds herself on the street with an offer from a gang which she can’t refuse. Will she cope with the situation and get her revenge?

Become part of N city’s criminal underground, take part in power struggles and intrigues to become stronger. Gain allies to build a trusted team and overcome all obstacles to get your sweet payback.

Ouro’s story unfolds in a cyberpunk setting inspired by classic stories and newcomers alike. The game features fully animated H scenes along with crafting and gear customizing so you could make a build fitting your playstyle. Will you become a merciless gunslinger or ghost-like hacker? It’s up to you!

You can download the latest public release of Ouroboros Syndrome from Yeehaw Games’ Patreon, where you can also support him. The various pledge tiers will grant you progressively earlier access to the future releases, a stronger vote in the polls, access to assets made for Yeehaw Games’ products, and the ability to leave your name or message in Ouroboros Syndrome.

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