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Escape the demon’s castle and the monster girls who want to milk you dry in Ason’s erotic RPG maker game, Cage of Succubi.

Developed by Ason and published by Kagura Games, Cage of Succubi is an action RPG maker game with dungeon crawling. Our hero is a man who gets captured when a demon casts a spell that knocks him unconscious. When he wakes up, the hero finds himself in a mysterious castle. He encounters a maid, who tells him that he was abducted to be the demon’s slave. Now, our captive hero will do anything he can to escape.

Explore the dungeons and go up against the monster girls that reside there. Gather materials and craft new items to help you in battle. The dungeons are randomized, so each time you play through, the experience won’t be exactly the same.


The kindhearted maid of the castle. She’s extremely capable at domestic affairs and an excellent cook on top of that. Despite her outwards appearance however, something hints that there’s much more to her than what she lets on…


Owner of the castle and an old nemesis of the hero from the war. After being defeated by the hero, Shadia retreated back to the castle to consolidate her defenses, vowing to take on the hero one more at her newly fortified stronghold. However, as the hero has gone missing after the war, Shadia begins to grow bored and starts looking for a new prey elsewhere…

You can buy Cage of Succubi on sale for $11.65 on MangaGamer and $11.69 from Denpasoft, JAST USA, Steam, and, FAKKU. The sale on Steam ends on December 12th. After that date, the price will increase to $12.99. There is also a free uncensored patch on the Kagura Games website for the Steam version of the game.

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