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Explore the sunless kingdom of futanari elves in Lupiesoft's new visual novel, Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1.

Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1 begins with the story’s protagonist, Servia, entering the elven city of Lungarde in the land of the endless night. In the fantasy world where the visual novel takes place, the humans, known as Assardi, live in caves underneath mountains, on the sunny side of the static world. When one of the Assardi, such as Servia, reaches adulthood, they embark on a coming-of-age journey across the surface world. Curious of what lies beyond the reach of the sun, Servia joins a band of merchants and travels with them to land of the Ontonian elves. While there, she bumps into one of their futanari princesses, and the two fall to the ground. This begins a friendship that will see Servia entangled in the court affairs of the elven kingdom, where the next queen is soon to be named.

Dizzy Hearts is a crowdfunded project, which originally met three times its original funding goal on Kickstarter, later crowdfunded the addition of voice acting separately, at the request of fans. The visual novel is developed by Lupiesoft, known for their pirate-themed futanari visual novel, Mutiny!!, and the space yuri adventure, Stargazers.

In a world split between eternal day and eternal night, the naïve but energetic Seriva sets out on a rite of passage as part of the tradition of her people, the subterranean Assard. She ventures to the land of eternal night, where she discovers the city of Lungarde.

In the kingdom of elves, she learns that travelers are not that rare in this region, yet Seriva is ignorant to Lungarde's culture, to the cycle of royal lineage and the rare and mysterious 'fiore'—the hermaphroditic sire to the elven people. Rumor has it that Queen Llend has chosen her successor among the four fiore princesses and is soon to abdicate, and it turns out Seriva may have just stumbled right into the middle of everything!

You can purchase Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1 at the promotional price of $10.49 on Steam, or $10.46 on MangaGamer. The promotion will last until the 11th of December, at which point the game will be available at the full price of $14.99 on Steam, and $14.95 on MangaGamer. The visual novel is also available on at the full price of $14.99.

A demo version of Dizzy Hearts Chapter 1 is also available on each of the three store pages. It bears noting that the voice acting hasn’t been implemented yet, and is planned as a future update.

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