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Follow the quest of a succubus and a priestess to uncover the ancient past of a fantasy kingdom.

Hellscape is a turn-based RPG starring Izobel, a half-succubus fucking around the kingdom of Erafell, and a bashful priestess Karin who’s trying to research ancient stones. One day Izobel saves Karin in the mountains and the pair quickly become friends. Izobel’s life as a half-demon isn’t easy, most people don’t trust her or outright despise her out of racism, and usually she ends up blamed for the misfortune around her. However, when Erafell is threatened by a demon army, and Karin’s research seems to be key to saving the kingdom, the two are given the task to find and study the ancient stones of Iltena.

The game is an isometric RPG using pre-rendered graphics. The story is told mainly through text cutscenes in a similar fashion to visual novels, while gameplay is divided into open world exploration and turn-based battles. Izobel and her companions can travel around collecting treasures, interacting with objects to solve puzzles, or speaking with NPCs. If the half-succubus runs into a hostile creature, they will be transported to a battle screen.

Characters perform actions in turns depending on their statistics. Most creatures can move, attack, or cast spells. Certain spells in Hellscape interact with the environment. For example, a fireball will put all bushes it travels through on fire. This synergizes with Izobel’s passive ability, making her spells stronger if cast while she stands next to flames. Also uniquely to her, Izobel can seduce other characters to employ their help for the duration of the battle, or have sex with them to regenerate her mana. Seduced enemies can be utilized after their battle and their cum bottled for future use if needed.

Hellscape is currently being developed by Bakezori on his lonesome. You can support him on Patreon, where you can also grab a demo of the game, which is also available on

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