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A team of independent developers is looking to crowdfund their visual novel about thieves, aliens, and magical girls, titled Cosplay Convention Crisis.

Midnight Hearts is an international team of developers currently seeking funding for their visual novel project, Cosplay Convention Crisis, on Kickstarter. They have envisioned a story of a young man who goes to a convention with a friend of his. There, he gets abducted by an alien special forces agent who can’t operate door handles, discovers that an acquaintance of his stole an eldritch artifact and that his childhood friend turns out to be a magical girl heavily ashamed of her sexy magical girl form.

The protagonist’s job will be to help girls resolve their differences while trying to enjoy the convention as well. The visual novel will be available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch containing about 100,000 words and at least four endings. To realize this project, Midnight Hearts would have to gather $8,984 in funding.

Cosplay Convention Crisis is a Visual Novel that puts you in the shoes of Jacob Kirby: middling athlete, student, and casual nerd. Guide Kirby over a handful of days across the paths of three strange and powerful women. Think the convention scene is easy? Try to survive magical girls, aliens, robots, femme fatales armed with eldritch artifacts, and convention cafeterias. You might be proven wrong!

Manage your schedule, collect trivia, and try not to die as circumstances spin wildly out of control. Attend panels, acquire merchandise, trade barbs with super-fans, ponder the meaning of life, watch the latest super hit’s trailer, and attempt to romance strange and powerful women.

Assemble a quirky ensemble costume for a contest and try to get back home!

You can support Cosplay Convention Crisis on Kickstarter. Pledging £12, which amounts to $15.40, you will be given a copy of the game on release. The crowdfunding campaign is using the all or nothing funding model — if the minimum goal isn’t met, your money will be returned.

A lengthy demo of Cosplay Convention Crisis can be downloaded from Steam, Itch.io, or Google Drive. Adult content for the demo has to be downloaded separately as a patch, available on Itch.io, Google Drive, and MEGA.

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