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Witness upwards of 9000 memes in the adventures of a rubber ducky, or maybe its owner, in the international release of LAMUNATION! by White Powder.

LAMUNATION! is a slice of life comedy set in a resort town where magic and futuristic technology are used side by side. The story follows a lazy blonde man called Luna Akahoshi, who’d gladly spend his time watching TV or talking to his rubber duck in a hot tub. However, he has promised his sister Cronoa that he will make everybody happy, which will require him to do quite a lot of work for everyone’s sake.

The story is a comedy promising no tearjerkers and a rough estimate of over 9000 memes. It offers full Japanese voice acting and about 30 hours of reading time in either English, Japanese, or Chinese. The visual novel was produced by White Powder and then translated and published by Love Lab, who's previously worked on localizing action and puzzle games.

Lamune Aoumi

The cool, kind childhood friend.

As an only child, she dreams of inheriting the Aoumi Lamune Factory from her parents.

She loves Luna just as much as she loves lamune. What’s lamune, you ask? It’s the traditional soft drink of Japan, served in a marble-stopped bottle. Hmm? No, I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s spelled.

Corona Akahoshi

The finest sister ever.

Luna’s younger twin sister. Younger by like five minutes, but the point still stands. She’s cunning, clever, and caring.

And she loves Luna.

Iris ”CH” Prateado

Too cute. Too crazy.

A lovely, lively little lady.

She loves everyone... about as much as she loves supersonic attack helicopters.

The ”CH” stands for ”The Crystal Heart”.

Rayla ”MC” Prateado

Domo arigato Ms. Perfect.

The sole chef of the Cherry Crown Diner.

Everything she does, she does to perfection. She’s gentle, and reliable, and she loves everyone.

The ”MC” stands for ”The Million Carat”.

Luna Akahoshi

Good guy in the jacuzzi.

He’s always chilling in the jacuzzi at home with his best friend, a rubber duckie.

The goodest guy you’ll ever meet.

Rubber Duckie

The real protagonist of our story.

Solaris : Say Hi.

You can purchase LAMUNATION! on Steam for $9.74, MangaGamer for $9.71, JAST USA for $9.75, and Denpasoft for $9.74 until the 28th of November, at which point the game will cost $12.99 at full price. It can also be found on FAKKU for a promotional price of $9.99.

Adult content missing from the Steam version has to be installed separately as a patch available on the White Powder’s website.

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