If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Sequel to a nukige of full of bountiful breasts, Funbag Fantasy 2 bursts onto Steam and MangaGamer.

The sequel to Waffle’s Funbag Fantasy begins a new story with new girls and a new protagonist. Writer Kagami Hiroyuki creates another embellished fantasy world with succubi, elves, and mermaids. Funbag Fantasy 2 includes over two hundred CGs designed by QGaku and more than twenty hours worth of story to read.

Funbag Fantasy 2's story follows Ruin Dimidium, the lowest ranked student in the Royal Abbey, as he is sent to the hamlet of Boobshire. Ruin ends up appointed as a military captain there, but many of his subordinates are daemons that wouldn’t hesitate for a second to sell him down the river. During a mission to arrest a gang of bandits running rampant through Boobshire, the underlings up and abandon Ruin mid-mission, leaving him to be captured by the bandits. What will become of this unlucky military captain?


It is an age when daemons and humans still live side by side. In the island Kingdom of Hillsland, separated from the Eurodia continent by the sea, the number of poverty-stricken daemons has been steadily increasing since the adoption of money as a medium of exchange. Some of those who lost family and property have begun assaulting moneylenders, in whom they see the root of their problems. Such incidents in turn widen the rift between human and daemonkind.

In this age, the function of educational institution in Hillsland is handled by the abbeys, among which the Royal Abbey is the most renowned, being the alma mater of the majority of elite government administrators. And one of its students—the lowest-ranking of them all—is the protagonist of this story, Ruin Dimidium, enrolled there by the special provincial quota. Being the only student whose future position was not decided weeks before his graduation, Ruin was considered the problem student of the honored Royal Abbey... until one day, he received an appointment as a military captain in the far-flung hamlet of Boobshire—a de facto relegation.

And since misfortunes never come singly, upon reaching his new place of work, Ruin finds himself in another difficult situation. His new liege demands that Ruin arrest a gang of bandits that have been harassing Boobshire... otherwise, he will be removed from his position in short order. Moreover, all of Ruin's subordinates are daemons, and turn their backs on him right in the middle of the mission. And, as if delivering the final blow, this is when the bandits make their appearance and capture Ruin.

What fate awaits our unlucky protagonist...?

You can purchase Funbag Fantasy 2 on sale from MangaGamer for $40.45 and Steam for $40.49. After November 28th, the sale on Steam will end and the game will return to its original price of $44.99.

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