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Play as both sides in Daijyobi Institute's corruption RPG about a heroine trying to seal the demon king, Holy Knight Luviria.

Holy Knight Luviria is a fantasy RPG set in a world driven by strife. Humans and demons have always been at war, but in the past, the demons were greatly weakened when their king was sealed by a heroine. Now, years later, his seals have begun to crack, and he has set his sights on corrupting the saint that once defeated him.

The game follows both perspectives of the story, presenting voice-acted cutscenes and posing challenges in which you control either Luviria, the titular holy knight herself, or the demon king she’s after. The gameplay adheres to standards of the RPG genre, featuring turn-based battles, a stat allocation system, and a formation system with a front and a back row for party members.

You can find out more about the game’s cast below:


A righteous paladin and captain of the Crimson Holy Knight Order, a unit formed with the goal of the subjugation of the demon armies in mind. She is a close friend of Fonica, the current Jewel of the Divine.

With another all-out war with the demons on the horizon, Luviria has taken the initiative to strike deep into the demonic domain with her brigade, determined to stop the conflict before it occurs.


The current Jewel of the Divine – a bloodline of saints who wield enormous power. A kind and gentle woman who is a tad overly protective of others and hates making others put themselves in danger for her.

Due to her importance, she is effectively confined within a glorified prison cell at all times by her superiors in order to keep her out of reach from the ill-intentioned demons.


Demon King Voice’s younger sister. A succubus who possesses the power to drain her partners till they drop dead via sexual intercourse. She’s equally as twisted as Voice and just as much a sexual maniac as him.She’s also very supportive of Voice despite her occasional sassiness towards him, and will always stay on his side no matter how dire the situation gets.


The half-human witch who is head over heels in love with Voice. She’s unwaveringly loyal to Voice and refuses to have relations with any demons other than him, even though choosing to stay with only one partner goes against the norm in demon society.


A powerful demon with the ability to negate holy attributes. Formerly serving Voice’s father Shout, she is loyal only to the dethroned Demon King and is uncooperative towards Voice.

For unknown reasons, she seems to harbor a deep hatred against the Jewel bloodline and is hellbent on killing Fonica, who is its current descendant.

You can purchase Holy Knight Luviria on Steam, MangaGamer, JAST USA and FAKKU! for $19.99. Adult content for the Steam version of the game is distributed separately as a free patch available on Kagura Games' website.

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