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Combat Rape RPG Princess of Innocent Is Now Available on DLsite

Help a kunoichi escort her princess out of an enemy castle in Princess of Innocent, a rape-filled RPG brought to us by Nekoshaku.

Princess of Innocent takes place during Japan's ever so popular Sengoku era. Princess Kiku of the Takeda clan is to take a political marriage with a man of another clan to establish peaceful relations. As she’s introduced to the man, she’s taken aback by his foul looks, but then suddenly a much more handsome young man named Mitsunari Ishida appears out of nowhere and takes her away. Being charmed by Mitsunari's looks, and lusting to explore the world outside her estate, Kiku doesn’t resist the kidnapping.

As it turns out, the man was sent by the Nobunaga clan to kidnap Kiku as a hostage for their dealings with the Takeda clan. In the last desperate bid to save her, Kiku’s grandfather sends a kunoichi named Yayoi to save Kiku. Yayoi easily infiltrates the castle and rescues the princess from imminent rape, but this reveals her identity. Now, they have to get out of the castle, while enemies hunt them down.

Princess of Innocent is a traditional turn-based RPG. You will explore the castle trying to find a way back and solving simple puzzles to move forward. Enemies in the game patrol the levels and will chase the girls if they get too close, initiating combat on contact. The girls have a variety of skills to defend themselves with, and two resource systems which limit their use: static TP restored with items, and Skill, which increases each turn. Enemies can perform violation attacks, which, if successful, will trigger a short animated scene of the target being raped.

You can purchase Princess of Innocent on DLsite for $12.16, estimated from ¥1,320. A demo of the game is available on the store page. Just be sure to set your system locale to Japanese, as detailed by DLsite's help page on the subject.

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